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3712b Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807
Email: 579tattoo@gmail.com
Cell:  (562) 912-0913
WhatsApp : (562) 912-0913

About 579 Tattoo’s


579 Tattoo's Provides full custom sleeves designed by our head artists, to make your dream tattoo a REALITY

You have a Tattoo Idea? Bring it to us we will make a reality with free tattoo consultations.

Head Artist Nina Rademeyer, took the time and effort to study dermatology! Nina's knowledge of the Human skin, is on the highest level, to ensure your tattoo comes out perfectly.

Jay does all 579 Body Piercings and Modifications with over 10 years of experience. You name it Jay has pierced it! With a private room for body piercings you can feel really comfortable!

579 Tattoo's ONLY using the highest quality INK and Tattoo equipment to ensure our clients safely. All our INK is 100% Vegan. All our equipment is sterilized on a daily basis. And our studio operates on the highest quality of standards!

You have a great idea for a tattoo? Bring it to us we looking forward to helping you, make it become a reality.