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Top Tattoo Piercing Studio in Los Angeles, Long Beach California When thinking of local businesses, one often imagines a quaint cafe or a trending restaurant. However, there’s much more that belongs in a community that makes it unique. Where can you go to express yourself and be part of an exclusive group? There are few things other than clothing and music that lets you truly showcase yourself. The ultimate portrayal of an individual is represented through their own art. Take the next step in transforming yourself and consider getting a tattoo or body modification. Piercings may be an easy stepping stone for those who want to try less permanent venues. The thrill of bringing your idea to life can’t be measured. There’s a gem tucked in the neighborhood of Bixby Knolls in North Long Beach that offers top tier tattooing, piercings, and body mods. 579Tattoo brings you state of the art equipment and the highest quality inks that are 100% vegan. With a daily sterilization practice and super high quality standards, you can be assured that the environment is as safe as it is beautifully designed. Private rooms are also available for comfort or for those of who are shy. You will

Using a 2D art medium such as tattooing and turning it into a compelling 3D image is no simple task. Perfecting the skills for a realism tattoo takes years of dedicated practice. The artist will take their learned techniques from paper and apply similar principles to your skin, replicating stunningly accurate photographs of the real thing. Whether it be a person, animal or flowers like in the case of the roses in this thigh tattoo. One of the beautiful things about tattooing as an art is that you are not limited to one style. You and your artist can get creative by combining work together to create your own uniquely custom piece. This creative freedom is shown in the way this heavily detailed line work mandala has been incorporated into the design next to the realistic roses. Tying into the roses with black shading and highlights that make the mandala pop as if it too were a 3D image.  When considering a realism tattoo, you will want to consider what goes into creating the visual and what options you have (you’re the one sitting through the tattooing after all!) Realism vs. Linework As represented in the rose mandala tattoo photographed in this article, we have