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Top Tattoo Piercing Studio in Los Angeles, Long Beach California

Top Tattoo Piercing Studio in Los Angeles, Long Beach California

When thinking of local businesses, one often imagines a quaint cafe or a trending restaurant. However, there’s much more that belongs in a community that makes it unique. Where can you go to express yourself and be part of an exclusive group? There are few things other than clothing and music that lets you truly showcase yourself. The ultimate portrayal of an individual is represented through their own art. Take the next step in transforming yourself and consider getting a tattoo or body modification. Piercings may be an easy stepping stone for those who want to try less permanent venues. The thrill of bringing your idea to life can’t be measured.

There’s a gem tucked in the neighborhood of Bixby Knolls in North Long Beach that offers top tier tattooing, piercings, and body mods. 579Tattoo brings you state of the art equipment and the highest quality inks that are 100% vegan. With a daily sterilization practice and super high quality standards, you can be assured that the environment is as safe as it is beautifully designed. Private rooms are also available for comfort or for those of who are shy. You will not find a better tattoo parlor in LB or any of its neighboring cities.

Co-owned by a husband and wife team, these two have a combined 30+ years of experience in the tattoo industry. With their roots starting as far as South Africa, they’ve branched out to New Zealand, Beijing, and now California. This duo has traveled the four corners to open up elite tattoo studios and they’re here in California now with plans to be the best tattoo and piercing studio in Los Angeles. Although local to LB, 579 has such an outstanding reputation they have returning international clientele who do not trust anyone else with such an important, sacred act.

Nina Rademuyuris a true master of artistry. She is a published artist with the beginnings of her career in graphic design and painting. But she discovered her true calling is creating permanent body art. Her dedication to her craft encouraged her to study dermatology. She fully understands the relationship between the skin and ink and all the various factors that come into play when tattooing. As the Head Artist, she’s the one to go to for grey realism, vivid color tattoos, and intricate dot work.

Jay Rademuyuris a veteran of the tattoo industry. His knowledge and experience gained them notoriety in South Africa as one of the Top 3 tattoo parlors in the country within two years of opening their doors. His clean lines are perfect for script work and intricate calligraphy and his steady hands handle all piercings and body modifications. His personal passions are doing Old School tattoos and Traditional American tattoos. Nina and Jay cover the whole spectrum of artistic styles and will work with you to develop your concept. Their creative design process is thorough and they will only work on you when you are ready.

Walk in the tattoo studio or check in with any method of social like their Insta or FB. Response time is very quick and they offer free consultations. Come by the best tattoo shop in Long Beach, CA. There’s nothing stopping you.

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